What is NerdyThings?

We are what we say we are! A blog and marketplace packed with the Nerdiest Things! We could have called ourselves Nerdiest Things, but we decided that Nerdy Things has a better ring to it.

Our team of super-nerds roam the web, looking for and curating the best toys, gadgets, and clothing from your favorite movies, TV shows, superheroes, and games.

We work hard to keep up-to-date with the latest show, films, and games to provide the best experience for our army nerds.

We thrive towards only providing the best products that fandom has to offer. This is why we partner with only those who we consider as worthy of being our partners.

We also have a blog that we keep regularly updated to keep you entertained with the latest news on Marvel, Rick & Morty, Assassins Creed, GoT and much more.