DC Merchandise and Gifts

It’s a world of mystery, science fiction, and myth. It’s the world that started it all. From Dark Knights, Men of Steel, to wonderful women, our selection of DC Comics gifts and apparel will be all you need to proclaim your love of the universe where Justice is served and legends are created.

DC Gifts and Merchandise Buying Guide

DC Comics has come a long way since its first publication in 1935. Today it's the home to some of the biggest blockbuster movies, TV shows and video games. It has bought us Superman, the Justice League, and Batman. The brand has built a Multiverse that is loved by millions in America and around the globe.

Ahead, we will take a look at some of the most popular types of DC merchandise and gifts curated especially for the nerdiest fans. We spend hours every week curating finding the coolest and funkiest merch from DC.

The Most Wanted DC Comic Merchandise

DC Comics Figures

Multiply the number of movies, comics, cartoons, and games with DC's multiple universes by the variety of characters and you have an infinite amount of cool figures to add to your collection. There are collectible figures for everyone. From young children looking for playtoys to adults looking for collectibles. At Nerdythings we take pride in picking the newest and most exclusive DC Comic figurines.

Whether you are looking for something from the DC Multiverse Series for your little one or Pop Funkos of your fave DC heroes and villains - we have you covered. You can even take your admiration for DC Comics to another level with our curation of lifelike figures and statues of your favorite superheroes.

DC Comics Clothing

So many cool characters and stories mean an abundance of nerdy hoodies, caps, and t-shirts of your fave heroes. DC has struck partnerships with many brands, including New Era and Gap. From DC's own official clothing from the latest DCEU movies to one-off handmade items on Etsy. We regularly scour the web and see what are the coolest, geekiest, and most stylish clothing items. But hurry, because clothes sell out fast and you may miss out on limited edition items.

Whether it's just a Batman t-shirt or after a limited Edition Flash leather jacket, we have you covered. Maybe you're after something inspired by one of the recent films. A Superman hoodie or Wonder Woman jersey. You won't be disappointed with our awesome collection.

DC Collectibles

DC has a huge range of collectibles. The industry for DC collectibles ranges from partnerships with Funko to DC's own official collectibles from the latest movies to one-off handmade items. See all the items from DC we offer. You can also join our mailing list to get our regular Nerdythings newsletter.