Captain Marvel Merchandise and Gifts

Higher, Faster, Faster. It’s the motto of the Carol Corps, and can also describe the feeling you get when you see our selection of Captain Marvel merch and games for you and your friends. You will feel like you can take on any intergalactic army in our collection of apparel, and your imagination will soar once you take a look at our toys, statues and games.

Captain Marvel Gifts and Merchandise Buying Guide

Captain Marvel is one of the most popular superheroes in the world. There have been a variety of characters that have taken the mantle of Captain Marvel. Most people only know of Carol Danvers's version of the character played by Bree Larson in the 2019 Blockbuster film. Captain Marvel is a superhero with Kree-DNA who possesses superhuman strength and flight. She is also capable of energy manipulation and can absorb energy from outside sources.

The Most Wanted Captain Marvel Merchandise

Captain Marvel Figures

Any fan of Captain Marvel will love our collection of Captain Marvel action figures. We also have selected a variety of vinyl figures for your fave characters from the original movie. These include movie-accurate replicas and limited editions of your favorite Kree. Whether you are looking for a Captain Marvel statue or a Carol Danvers Funko Pop, we have you covered.

Captain Marvel Clothing

Maybe you just want a Captain Marvel t-shirt from her Air Force days. Our collection ranges from Starforce robes that will keep you cool on Hala to Kree pajamas to keep you warm in your bed. We have curated numerous styles that will allow you to blend in anywhere from Xandar to Titan. Maybe you're after something inspired by Endgame. A Captain Marvel hoodie or Nick Fury t-shirt? You won't be disappointed with our awesome collection.

Captain Marvel Collectibles

Because of its box office success, Captain Marvel has inspired a ton of cool merchandise. From t-shirts, accessories, sweatshirts and more. Our team loves spending time and finding new merch related to everyone's favorite pilot / photon blaster!. You can find exciting Captain Marvel board games and action figurines to replica Kree weapons and even Skrull costumes that even Talos would approve.