AI Generated Funko Pops of Historical Figures with DALL·E

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DALL·E is a powerful AI library that can generate images from textual prompts. Recently, the team at Nerdythings got a license and decided to generate funko pops of historical figures. The results are a mixed bag, some surprisingly accurate and others, well, less so. Let's take a look at some of the AI generated funko pops of historical figures.

1. Henry VIII

This AI of the famously large king with 6 wives looks eerily realistic, down to the outfit and facial expression.

2. Guido Fawkes

The 16th-century conspirator looks dapper in his funko pop form, complete with mustache, goatee, and trademark hat.

3. Winston Churchill

The former British Prime Minister is captured perfectly in funko pop form, looking wise and resolute in his walking stick and top hat.

4. Queen Victoria

The monarch who ruled for 63 years and 7 months is funko pop-ified with surprising accuracy, from her signature hairstyle to her pearl necklace. The Dall-e has generated a more youthful version of the queen, but nonetheless a fun one.

5. Mahatma Gandhi

The political leader and activist looks wise and determined in funko pop form, with his traditional dhoti and glasses.

6. Ghenghis Khan

The medieval conqueror is funko pop-ified with his Mongolian armor and fearsome expression. This ai-generated funko pop looks ready to take over the world!

7. Alexander the Great

This cool Funko of the great Macadonian king shows him in a white robed with his golden hair, looking every bit like the legendary conqueror.

8. Che Guevarra

This Dall-e 2 generated really captures the iconic Cuban revolutionary, from his beret and military uniform to his intense gaze.

9. Queen Elizabeth I

This funko pop of the last Tudor monarch looks regal and powerful, with her iconic red wig and ornate dress. The Dall-e 2 has done a great job in capturing her likeness.

10. Marilyn Monroe

The funko of Hollywood icon and sex symbol looks spot on, from her blonde hair and curves to her signature red lips. The funko failed to capture her famous mole!

11. Elvis Presley

The funko pop of the king of rock and roll looks just like him, from his quiff and sideburns in a white / black tuxedo?

12. Michael Jackson

This funko pop of the late king of pop looks incredibly cool, imitating his Thriller music video with sporting his red leather jacket and doing his trademark moonwalk.

13. Ringo Starr from the Beatles

This funko pop of the drummer from the Beatles looks just like him, from his mop of hair, he even has his trademark moustache!

14. John Lennon from the Beatles

This funko pop of one of the most iconic musicians of all time looks just like him, down to his wire-rimmed glasses.

15. Teddy Roosevelt

This funko pop of the former US President looks very realistic, from his bushy moustache to his pince-nez glasses and his characteristic Roosevelt Rough Riders hat.

16. Al Capone

This funko pop of the infamous American gangster looks just like him, from his proabition era hat and slick suit with a view which looks like Atlantic City.

17. Abraham Lincoln

This funko pop of the 16th US President looks just like him, down to his and Lincoln beard and even him holding his stovepipe hat.

18. Julius Caesar

This funko pop of the Roman dictator looks just like him, down to his laurel wreath and even his military cloak.

19. Marie Antoinette

This funko pop of the 18th-century French queen looks just like her, from her big hair and powder blue dress with a View of the Palace of Versailles.

Let us know if there are any other figures you would like us to generate with Dall-e.