Thor: Love and Thunder - Everything You Need To Know

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Since its announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. This post contains all the information and rumors you need to know about the next chapter in the Thor saga. Including how someone new may be picking up Mjolnir and continuing the mighty legacy of the God of Thunder.

Why is Thor 4 called “Thor: Love and Thunder”?

While the meaning of the title may seem obvious at first glance, there is more than one possible reason for it.

‘Love and Thunder’ could refer to the relationship between Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (played by Natalie Portman). A panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 confirmed that Natalie Portman’s character would be back in a big way in the upcoming film.

It has been hinted that Jane Foster will not only rekindle her relationship with the God of Thunder. But will actually take on the mantle of the God of Thunder as well.

Another possible reason for the movie’s title is in reference to Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, who is confirmed to be one of the main characters in Thor: Love and Thunder. She was last seen becoming the new ruler of New Asgard in the closing scenes of Avengers: Endgame.

Being the first openly LGBTQ character in the MCU, Tessa Thompson has mentioned that Valkyrie will be looking for a queen to rule with over New Asgard. Which points to another possible reason for the title?

When Will It be Released?

While Thor: Love and Thunder was first set to be released on November 4, 2021, movie release dates are constantly in flux due to the global pandemic. After filming was pushed back multiple times, Thor: Love and Thunder is now scheduled to begin filming in January of 2021. The majority of filming will take place in Australia. This will lead up to a tentative release date of February 11, 2022.

Update: It has been confirmed that film will hit the theatres on 8 July 2022.

Is There a Thor Love and Thunder Trailer?

After long anticipation, we got our glimpse of the upcoming movie with a 90-second trailer of the film.

Who is Directing Love and Thunder?

Taika Waititi has stepped back under the helm, carrying on where he left off in Thor: Ragnarok as both the creative director and co-scriptwriter, along with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, of the Thor Franchise.

Waititi stepped into the director’s shoes after Thor 2 failed to win over audiences. Originally meant to be a 3-film trilogy, the Thor series was almost cut before Disney and Marvel decided to give Waititi a shot at the controls. Waititi leaned more in the comedic side of Chris Hemsworth and his role as the God of Thunder. The gamble paid off. Thor: Ragnarok became one of the most beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe films to date.

As Thor set to become the first 4-part stand-alone superhero series in the MCU on February 11, 2022. Waititi is sure to go back to what made his first Marvel movie such a success.

Taika Waititi has also mentioned that the campy, nostalgic feel and look of the title “Thor: Love and Thunder” is a reference to the 80’s vibe and references he brought to Thor: Ragnarok which he plans to draw from for this film as well.

He even went one step further and said that Thor: Love and Thunder is “so over the top in the best way”. He said that in comparison, Thor: Ragnarok is a run-of-the-mill superhero movie, and fans know that the last installment was anything but a run-of-the-mill movie.

What Will Thor: Love and Thunder be About?

Last we saw Thor, he was with Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Off to adventure through the galaxies. While it seems likely that the Guardians will make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, the plot does not revolve around them and Thor.

Rather, it mainly takes place on and around New Asgard. Valkyrie has taken her throne as the ruler and is looking for a queen to share the throne with. Something, most likely a villain played by Christian Bale, attacks New Asgard. Jane Foster takes up the mantle as the Goddess of Thunder while battling cancer back on Earth.

It is not exactly clear where Thor is at this point. But off with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the start of the movie is a good guess.

The villain, expected to be Gorr the God Butcher, aims to destroy all of New Asgard out of his hatred for gods. Without Thor, the rest of the Asgardians will need to band together to defend their world. And find the mighty God of Thunder.

Waititi confirmed that the title is more than just a catchy phrase. He talked about how love plays a central role in the movie.

Will Fat Thor Make an Appearance?

Mainly used for comedy purposes in Avengers: Endgame. The chunkier Thor, who came out of 5 years of beer, pizza, and Fortnite was actually quite symbolic to Thor’s overall story arc.

In the first Thor, Thor is cocky and sees himself as the ultimate warrior. Over his solo films and the Avengers movies, he learns to be humble. Fat Thor is a low point, where he has lost faith in himself and does not believe that he will be able to save the world.

Since he is no longer at that low point in Thor: Love and Thunder, it is unlikely that we will see a larger Thor again. Most likely, as his brain healed and his confidence was regained, his body reverted back to its old self.

Plus Taika Waititi claimed that the fat Thor bit had already been done and he does not see a need to go back to it.

How Does Jane Become Thor?

As every diehard Thor fan knows, only the worthy can wield the power of Mjolnir. So, if that is the case, what suddenly allows Jane Foster to become Thor?

Maybe it is not a case of what allowed her to become Thor, and more of a case of a lack of previous opportunity. Jane simply never tried to pick up Mjolnir.

Thor has had issues with his powers before. In the first Thor film, he is sent to Earth until he regains his worthiness and the powers that come along with it. And that issue is a common occurrence in the comics, as well.

Jane Become Thor

In the Thor comic Mighty Thor, written by Jason Aaron, Thor loses his powers once Nick Fury tells him something that makes him no longer worthy. Jane picks up Mjolnir in his place and defends Asgard against an invasion force. While simultaneously battling breast cancer back on Earth. Every time she gains the powers of Mjolnir and becomes the Goddess of Thunder, the chemotherapy used to fight her breast cancer is eradicated from her body, allowing cancer to run rampant. Despite this, she continues to fight and defend Asgard until she dies from cancer.

While it does not appear that Nick Fury plays a role in Thor: Love and Thunder, there are other reasons that Thor is not around or not able to defend Asgard and Jane must step up in his place. The whole point of Mighty Thor is that if you have the power of God, you need to earn respect and not simply expect it.

If Thor is off with the Guardians of the Galaxy and shirking his responsibility, does that make him no longer worthy of the hammer?

Is Chris Hemsworth Being Replaced As Thor?

To answer that question, let us look at this recent quote of Chris Hemsworth’s from an interview with Elle Men Magazine about his thoughts on the future of Thor:

“Are you crazy?! I'm not going into any retirement period (laughs). Thor is far too young for that. It is only 1500 years old! It is definitely not a film that I say goodbye to this brand. At least I hope so.”

It appears that even though Jane Foster may gain the powers of Thor in the upcoming film, Hemsworth is not done with the role. Signed on to play Thor since 2009, Hemsworth is going into his second decade as the superhero. With an iconic role similar to that of Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, the longer Hemsworth plays Thor the better for Marvel fans. Perhaps we could see Thor pass along either his classic hammer or the new, star-forged Mjolnir to Jane. All while maintaining his powers.

Who is the Villain in Thor: Love and Thunder?

The only fact about the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder is that the baddie is played by Christian Bale, who threw away the cape and cowl and turned to the dark side in the upcoming film.

While it has not been confirmed, it seems likely that Bale is going to take on the role of Gorr, the God Butcher.

Like the name suggests, Gorr is not exactly a big fan of gods. Thor is a god, therefore Gorr and Thor do not see eye to eye.


Coming from the 2013 comic series Thor: God of Thunder and The God Butcher, Gorr grew up on an unnamed and forgotten planet. His family died tragically and brutally. Gorr decided that a powerful god would never allow such a thing to happen, and therefore there must not be any gods. His people considered these beliefs to be heretical and cast Gorr from the planet.

On his travels, Gorr discovered that gods did actually exist and just did not notice or did not care about the tragedies in his family. Armed with the mystical Necrosword, Gorr vowed to kill every god that he could find.

He wishes to destroy New Asgard and all of the gods within it as revenge for what happened to his family.

What Comics Does Thor: Love and Thunder Draw From?

Apart from the previously mentioned The Mighty Thor comic, there are a few other comics that are likely drawn from as source material for Thor: Love and Thunder.

One is 2018’s Asgardians of the Galaxy, a series that follows Thor Odinson and his adventures with the Guardians of the galaxy. Judging from the end of Avengers: Endgame, where Thor leaves with the Guardians, the Guardians will make at least a small cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder. Vin Diesel, the voice of Groot, has hinted at the possibility. Asgardians of the Galaxy also featured Valkyrie in the Guardians’ adventures.

Another comic that Thor: Love and Thunder draws on is Thor: God of Thunder. The comic series, which was created by Jason Aaron and ran in 2013, is suspected to be where Christian Bale’s character, Gorr, the God Butcher, made his first appearance.

Love and Thunder

Finally, the comic series Jane Foster: Valkyrie is expected to be used as inspiration for the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder. This series runs after The Mighty Thor, where Jane Foster dies from her breast cancer after defending Asgard as the Goddess of Thunder.


After she dies, she is brought back as one of the Valkyrie, the fabled female warriors of Valhalla.

Could it be a coincidence that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is looking for a queen to rule over Asgard with her and Jane becomes a Valkyrie in her own right after defending New Asgard to the death?

Up for you to decide, but do not be surprised to see Jane Foster as the new queen of New Asgard.

Other Notable Characters Who Could Make an Appearance?


Just when you thought you had seen the last of the trickster god Loki on the big screen, Taika Waititi drops a bombshell.

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is currently on the self-named Disney+ show. In it, a version of Loki leaves the main MCU and travels through the fabric of time. Waititi said that this could lead to everyone’s favorite little brother making an appearance in New Asgard.

If not, you can always rely on flashbacks for Loki to make a big-screen appearance.

Lady Sif

Lady Sif, played by actress Jaimie Alexander, is another character from the Thor canon who has been connected to Valkyrie as a potential queen of New Asgard.

It is only rumored at this point, but the actress herself has mentioned that she would be interested in reprising her role in the fourth Thor installment.

Beta Ray Bill

Just what Thor: Love and Thunder needs: another God of Thunder with another magical hammer.

Maybe the producers thought that as well, as Beta Ray Bill, who was hinted at as a potential future Thor character in Thor: Ragnarok, has been downplayed by just about everyone in the know about the film. Taika Waititi himself has all but confirmed that Beta Ray Bill will not make an appearance.

Iron Man

If you have been following Thor: Love and Thunder, you may have come across Taika Waititi’s “leaked” script where Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is resurrected.

The script starts off innocently enough, with Iron Man stating that science allowed his rebirth and that everyone who died in Avengers: Endgame is back alive. However, the script quickly devolves into a clear joke, with Iron Man saying that instead of going by “The Avengers”, the team is now going as “The Avengererers”.

Waititi himself has confirmed that the script was simply meant to troll eager fans.

Silver Surfer

We last saw Thor heading off into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it is all too likely that the next installment in the Thor series will not take place on Earth.

Since the Avengers defeated Thanos, it seems that Galactus is the heir apparent as the main villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel loves to introduce new storylines and villains over time, through easter eggs and loose connections.

Perhaps no connection is better for Galactus than the Silver Surfer, the owner of the Cosmic Surfboard and the Herald of Galactus. He travels to planets that are listed on Galactus’ menu and prepares the planet for cosmic digestion. Waititi has said that the Silver Surfer would not be in Thor: Love and Thunder, but this would not be the first time that the director has fibbed to throw fans off the scent.

Could New Asgard be Galactus’ next course?


Played by Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame, Eitri, the king of the dwarves, played a vital role in Avengers: Infinity War. He helped Thor create a new hammer, Stormbreaker, in the heart of a dying star after Mjolnir was destroyed.

While it has not been confirmed, a heavy rumor has been circulating through the Marvel backchannels that Dinklage will reprise his role in Thor: Love and Thunder.


Yes, Heimdall died at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, but every good comic book fan knows that the only truly dead comic book character is a boring one, and that goes double for Norse God comic book characters.

The casting call for Thor: Love and Thunder revealed the search for a young, African-American or African-British actor to play a character named Zappa. While it is not immediately obvious who Zappa could be, a popular theory is that he will be a reincarnated, kid Heimdall.

Will There be a Thor 5?

While the Thor franchise may already be breaking new ground as the only standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise with more than 3 films, there is no reason to believe that Thor: Love and Thunder is the last stop on Thor’s solo journey.

Much of the decision making will rely on the reception of this film, obviously, but the stars and creators of Thor think that it still has legs, with Chris Hemsworth recently speaking out about his love of the role and his wish to continue with it.

Based on the resurgence of the franchise in Thor: Ragnarok and the love of the series from both creators and fans alike, it is almost certain that there will be a Thor 5. However, no information has been given on what it will look like and when it will be released.

There you have it, everything you could possibly need to know about Thor: Love and Thunder. The plot, the characters, whether Thor found a diet that worked, what else could you need to know?

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