Superman Statues and Figures

The Man of Steel has teamed up with the greatest DC heroes of the last century and defeated the evilest villains of all time. With these Superman statues and figures, encapsulate those heroics, including Superman and his teammate the Flash, Superman matching wits with the Dark Knight, and the Man of Steel defending all of humanity from the horrors of Darkseid.

Best Superman Figurines and Statues

Superman Figurines are very popular collectibles. They come in a variety of materials, sizes and prices. You can find them at your local comic book store or even online. There are many different types of Superman figures out there, but the most popular ones have been curated by our team.

Superman Action Figures

There are a variety of Superman figures that have multiple points of articulation and can be moved into different poses. They usually come with accessories such as weapons, vehicles and other characters. The most iconic action figures from DC Comics are from the Batman series. Many people also collect action figures from the Justice League, Superman, Wonder Woman and others.

Superman Busts

Busts are 3D models that usually depict superheroes and villain from movies or comics. They are made out of polystone or resin to give them a more realistic look than regular figurines. We have curated some iconic Superman busts which look almost like Henry Cavill's Man Of Steel is staring you in the eye.

Superman Statues & Sculptures

Statues & sculptures are larger than regular figurines because they have been sculpted in full detail to look like their real-life counterparts. There is no doubt that these items take up more space on your shelf but they definitely make a statement when you walk into a room! Some of the more popular we have curated statues include: Superman vs Darkseid by Sideshow Collectibles and Superman racing Flash (to name just a few).